Vapour-permeable (breather) underlay for roofings.

Store protected against rain
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Store protected against atmospheric exposure, especially sun-radiation and other heat sources
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Resistance to water penetration or water-tightness (Class W1)

Straightness: <30 mm/10 m Mass per unit area: 100 g/m2 (±)15 g/m2 Reaction to fire: E Resistance to water penetration: W1 Water vapour transmission (Sd): 0,02 m Tensile strength (MD/XD): 140 N/5 cm (±25)% / 70 N/5 cm (±25)% Elongation at maximum tensile force (MD/XD): ~50% / ~70% Resistance to tearing (MD/XD): 55 N (±25)% / 70 N (±25)%

Dimensional stability (MD/XD): <3% / <3% Flexibility at low temperature: (-)24°C Changing of properties after artificial ageing: Resistance to water penetration: W1 Tensile strength (MD/XD): max. 30% / max. 30% Elongation (MD/XD): max. 30% / max. 30% Additional properties:Temperature resistance: (+)70°C Resistance to UV: max. 1 month

Standard roll size: 1,5 m × 50 m = 75 m2/roll

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