MASTERMAX fireguard housewrap

Vapour-permeable underlay for discontinuous roofings or walls.

Application: Used as a subsidiary protective layer against moisture (liquid water penetration, wind-blown snow) and wind in pitched roof structures. The product is laid directly over the thermal insulation, timber boarding or other solid support, paralell to the eaves with minimum 10 cm overlapping and the printed side to the roofing. The underlay is fixed along the rafters with counter battens (min. 50/50 mm). These battens lift the tiling battens off the underlay and create an effective drainage.
Straightness: <30 mm/10 m
Mass per unit area: 90 g/m2 (±)5%
Reaction to fire: B-s1, d0
Resistance to water penetration: W1

Water vapour transmission (Sd): 0,02 m
Tensile strength (MD/XD): 170 N/5 cm / 140 N/5 cm
Elongation at maximum tensile force (MD/XD): 50% / 40%
Resistance to tearing (MD/XD): 80 N / 90 N
Dimensional stability (MD/XD):
<1% / <1%
Flexibility at low temperature:
Changing of properties after artificial ageing:
Resistance to water penetration:
Tensile strength (MD/XD): max 25% / max 25%
Elongation (MD/XD):
max 25% / max 25%
Additional properties:

Resistance to penetration of air: <0,1 m3/m2.h.50Pa
Temperatur resistance: (-)40°C – (+)100°C
Resistance to UV:
max. 3 months

Standard roll size: 1,5 m × 50 m = 75 m2/roll

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