FLEX C2TE tile adhesive

Fastening of plaster profiles used for lime and cement plasters (for concrete clay-brick and sand-lime brick surfaces).

Store protected against rain
CE mark
GHS05: Corrosive
Read the technical
GHS07: Irritant/toxic

Material: Ready-to-apply cementing mortar with synthetic resin additive
Coverage: with 6/8/10/12 mm plastering trowel – 2,6 kg/m2 / 3,4 kg/m2 / 4,2 kg/m2 / 5,0 kg/m2
Adhesive strength: >1 N/mm2 (concrete)
Loadable: after 8 days
Application temperature: (+) 5°C – (+) 25°C

Available: 25 kg/bag, 42 bags/pallet

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