Drywall screws for metal

Used for fastening of gypsum plasterboards or cement chipboards to CW or CD profiles.

Store protected against rain

Material: black phosphated low-carbon steel
Installation: Fastening distance on vertical surface is maximum 25 cm, on horizontal or on bevelled surface (e.g. in built-in roof) is maximum 17 cm; fastening depth is minimum 10 mm.

Ø3,5 mm × 25 mm (200 pcs/box, 1000 pcs/box)
Ø3,5 mm × 35 mm (200 pcs/box, 1000 pcs/box)
Ø3,5 mm × 45 mm (500 pcs/box)
Ø3,5 mm × 55 mm (500 pcs/box)

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