Masternet Subotica

From the warping unit to the weaving, impregnation and finishing stages, MASTERPLAST does everything at one production site in Subotica, Serbia.
This geographical region has an old tradition of textile industry, we have a team of well-educated and highly motivated professionals.

With our stable raw material background, the well-qualified workers and the large production volumes we are able to deliver fast, flexible and constantly high quality goods.


Our pool of production equipment consists of various machine, including numbers of warping lines, hundreds of weaving units and warp knitting machines, which enables us to manufacture uncoated textiles of several mesh sizes, widths or lengths at a high output capacity in the given time-frame.


The installed capacity allows us to manufacture over 100 million square meters of glass fiber mesh per year.

At this point, we are among the most flexible and largest fiberglass mesh manufacturers worldwide.


As a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality fiberglass products, we focus on the development and maintenance of our strict quality standards. Permanent education and control are part of our quality management system, which helps us to ensure solid product characteristics.

Regular quality checks carried out by the staff of our well-equipped laboratory and the periodical tests of the external independent laboratories guarantee our continuing ability to deliver high quality products to our clients. Our ISO 9001 certificate and the local FPC processes also contribute to the high-level of quality insurance.

In accordance with the control plan determined frequencies, we are regularly testing: mesh size, weaving accuracy, mass per unit area, organic content, tensile strength and elongation, in delivered condition and after artificial ageing as well.