Thermomaster Pur

THERMOMASTER PUR adhesive foam

The foam is applicable for fixing EPS and XPS insulation boards or other light-weight materials.

Store protected against rain
Store protected against atmospheric exposure, especially sun-radiation and other heat sources
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GHS07: Irritant/toxic
GHS08: Systemic health hazards
GHS02: Flammable

Material: Polyurethane (PUR)
Fields of application: In case of fixing of light-weight materials: e.g.: window-ledge (tinplate to thermal insulation), gypsum plasterboard dry-linings, EPS or XPS boards. It is applicable for the easy and fast fixing of EPS boards for OSB or instead of cement-bonding adhesives on family houses. Ideal for the fixing of two-layer EPS or XPS insulation on each other, to fill in small gaps, originating from unexact or cutted joints of thermal insulation boards.
Advantages: easy and fast applicability, shorter time during installation, the base coat can be applied within some hours after the adhesion, much more favourable transporting and logistic charges, great thermal resistance.

Coverage: EPS boards on flat surface (e.g. OSB): 7 – 14 m2/can. Two layers of EPS boards on each other: 7 – 14 m2/can. For the fixing of EPS boards on brickwall or on rendering (7-10 mm thick adhesive layer): 7 – 9 m2/can.
Temperature during application: (+)10°C – (+)30°C
Duration of setting: ~45 minutes on the average (by 21°C and 50% rel. humidity)
Temperature resistance: (-)60°C – (+)100°C
Reaction to fire: F
Expiry date: 12 months after production (prodected from freezing)

Packing: 750 ml/can (PU-gun is necessary for application)

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