Thermomaster Fix Premium

THERMOMASTER PREMIUM WHITE adhesive and base coat

Premium quality facade adhesive and base coat material

Main use: THERMOMASTER FIX PREMIUM WHITE is a premium quality facade adhesive and base coat material, aggregates and additives for bonding of gray EPS (with improved thermal conductivity) and white EPS, furthermore XPS insulation boards in the footing area onto mineral-based surfaces (e.g. plaster, brick, concrete) and for embedding reinforcing mesh.
The base surface must be clean, dry, free of dust, loose parts and other contaminations. Depending on the absorption capability of the base surface, it shall be primered with THERMOMASTER PRIMER or THERMOMASTER penetrating primer.

Relevant standards: Guidelines regarding the planning (Hungarian Building Chemistry- and Plaster Association – MÉSZ, 2012) and application (MÉSZ, 2014) of external thermalinsulation systems (ETICS) must be considered.
Application temperature: (+)5°C – (+)30°C (both base surface, material and ambient air) during also the setting of the base coat. The applied base coat must be protected against direct sun-radiation, wind, moisture, rain and rapid warm-up.
Coverage: as an adhesive: 4-5 kg/m2; as a base coat: minimum 4 – 4,5 kg/m2
Storage: under dry conditions, protected against wetness and moisture.
Shelf life: 12 months after date of production

Available: in 25 kg paper bag

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