Thermomaster D-Plus dowel

Polypropylene sleeve with plastic nail for mechanical fixing of the EPS/XPS thermal insulation boards.

Store protected against rain
CE mark
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Application: according to the installation guidline 6-8-10-12 pcs/m2
Sleeve diameter: 10 mm
Lengths of anchor: 70 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm and 260 mm
Tension load in concrete (NRk, ETAG 014): C12/15: 0,5 kN; C20/25: 0,75 kN (anchoring depth: min. 30 mm)
Tension load in solid brick (NRk, ETAG 014): 0,6-0,75 kN (anchoring depth: min. 30 mm)

Packaging: 200 pcs/box, (220 mm and 260 mm – 100 pcs/box)

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