TERRAPLAST TOP drain channel and accessory set

It collects and conveyances surface water when installed within areas subjected to pedestrian and moderate vehicular traffic.

CE mark
Store protected against atmospheric exposure, especially sun-radiation and other heat sources

Material: channel made of HDPE, the covering grid made of galvanized steel The drainage channel body is resistant to acids, alkalis and chemicals, it is easy to build in, and the 1m-long-elements can be precisely joined together. The bodies can be cut to the proper size, it is made of light but shockproof HDPE and easy to clean. The grid covering is easily removable with the help of a screwdriver.
Fields of application: collection and conveyance of surface water when installed within areas subjected to pedestrian and moderate* vehicular traffic. It also can be installed in front of sunk garages doors (under the level of ground approached with ramp) or in front of terrace doors.
(* = 4-5 times/day, overdriving speed is maximum 10 km/h, e.g. in family houses.)
Length of the channel body: 1000 mm
Temperature resistance: (-) 50°C – (+) 100°C

Parts of the system: HDPE channel body (1 m long) with galvanized steel covering grid, plastic endcap (2 pieces) and plastic outlet (Ø110 mm) for jointing waterpipe.

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