R087L Fiberglass Mesh

Strengthening mesh for internal cementous plasters for increasing its strength and reducing the risk of crackings.

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Material: Glass fibre, with alkali-resistant and fibre-fixing coating.
Length: 50 m (±1%)
Width: 100 cm (±1%)
Nominal mesh size (MD/CMD – warp/weft): (10,0 × 10,0) ±1,0 mm
Mass per unit area: 110g/m2 (±5%)

Organic content: 20% (±4)%
Average tensile strength (MD/CMD – warp/weft): 1700 N/5 cm / 1500 /5 cm
Elongation (MD/CMD – warp/weft): < 4,0 % / < 4,0 %
Reaction to fire: NPD
Available colours: white, orange, blue

Standard roll size: 1 m × 50 m
Number of rolls per pallet: 24

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