MASTERPLAN self-levelling concrete

Cementitious self-levelling, interior use.

Preparing the substrate: with a mixture of Thermomaster Primer multipurpose primer and clean water in a ratio of 1:1, (0,1 – 0,15 l/m2).
Application procedure: Pour the content of the bag into a bucket containing 5,75 litres of clean water and mix thoroughly with a low speed electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous, lump free mix and after 3 minutes of maturing time mix it again. It is not allowed to increase the amount of water, add other substances (eg. accelerator) or remix and add previously mixed material. The freshly mixed material must be poured onto the primered but dry substrate within 20 minutes and spread out homogeneously with a stainless steel trowel. The paste spreads itself and gives a levelled surface but the air bubbles shall be eliminated from the product with a spiked roller. Maxium allowed capacity is 40 liter/minute, applied by machine. The fresh material must be protected against accelerated drying, direct sun radiation, wind, draught and frost.

Quantity of mixing water: 0,23 liter/kg; ~5,75 litres/25 kg bag
Consumption: 1,6 – 1,8 kg compound/mm/m2
Pot life: max. 30 minutes
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours
Thickness per coat: 2 mm – 15 mm
Loadability: after 14 days
Tiling: Recommendations of the tile material must be considered! Allowed moisture content of the screed before tiling is max. 2%, in case of heated floor is max 1,8%!
Storage: The self-levelling compound shall be stored in a dry place, protected from moisture and frost in unopened packing until 12 months.

Available: 25 kg/bag

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