Kraft paper with glasnet-scrim reinforcement and metalised surface protection.

Straightness: <75 mm/10 m
Mass per unit area: 120 g/m2 (±)10%
Reaction to fire: F
Water vapour resistance (Sd): >3000 m
Changing of water vapour resistance (Sd) after artificial ageing: max. 50%
Tensile strength (MD/XD): 385 N/5 cm (±)15% / 335 N/5 cm (±)15%
Elongation at maximum tensile force (MD/XD): ~2% / ~2%
Resistance to tearing (MD/XD): >25 N / >25 N
Temperatur resistance: (+)120°C

Available: 1,2 m × 50 m = 60 m2/roll

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