Masterplast among the top 3 global fiberglass mesh producers

Masterplast is launching another investment of EUR 7.6 million thus further strengthening its fiberglass mesh production capacity in Subotica, Serbia.

With the new machines of the latest technology, the plant’s output can be increased by about 25%, which makes the company group the second largest manufacturer of fiberglass mesh in Europe.


The project is financed from both own resources and a non-refundable state grant of around EUR 3 million of the Prosperitati Foundation. The investment also includes the modernization of the existing plant and the installed equipment, resulting an improved quality level of the products, a more efficient production system and optimized operations. Along with the developments, the plant will be able to produce top-quality woven and knitted glass fabrics for both the construction market and other industrial clients.


The existing plant is modernized based upon the experience gained during the past couple of years. The technological developments and the installation of the new supplementary machines on the one hand increase the product quality and improve the production efficiency and on the other hand help the broadening of the existing product portfolio as well.



Due to the new installations and a higher level of logistics services, the individual needs of more demanding markets and partners can be served: as a result the company will achieve a turnover growth primarily through the sales of premium category and niche products.


Following the construction works, the installation of the new machinery is expected to be completed within the summer of 2021 and running at full speed from the beginning of 2022.


This 150 million square meter annual capacity makes Masterplast the second largest producer of fiberglass mesh in Europe and the third largest in the world.