Roofing foils and health care industry in the new Masterplast unit

(Press release - 05.06.2020) - In the framework of the investment aid scheme for large enterprises, state aids help the development of the Hungarian manufacturer.

Apropos of the project on the production development of diffusion roofing foil, the agreement that justifies the “Investment aid scheme for large enterprises” was signed ceremonially in Sárszentmihály on June 5 2020. In the event, held on the company’s registered seat, Mihály Varga Minister of Finance, Gábor Törő, MP of the region, David Tibor, CEO of the company and Balázs Ács, vice president gave a speech. Due to the investment, carried out by own and state aid funds, not only the energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly production, but also a capacity extension will be available. Thereupon the company has the capacity to fulfill the demands of the European market by own production concerning the product category of diffusion roofing foils. What is more, with the high mechanical quality raw materials, the Hungarian company can enter into the health care industry.



With the production development investments, started at the end of 2019, the company aims to manufacture 30 million square meters of high-quality diffusion roofing foils annually. The overall budget of the project is approximately EUR2,000,000, including the purchasing of production and laboratory apparatus, and infrastructure development. The value of the investment that aims to renew the production technology and develop the capacity is approximately EUR1,250,000 which is supported by the state with 35-percent non-refundable aid in the amount of EUR440,000 in the framework of the “Investment aid scheme for large enterprises”.



The project will result in a modern mean of production that is not only capable of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly operation but also of producing a wild array of high-quality diffusion roofing foil products. Moreover, the purchasing of new laboratory apparatus places the company in an exceptional position as it ensures the product development and manufacturing operation under extensive quality control – which is unique situation in the Central Eastern European region. The aim of the company is to fulfill the needs not only of its regional construction material commercial partners and tiles manufacturers, but also the western European market with its unique products.



After closing the German acquisition, the company can fulfill the needs from its own source from the raw material construction to the finished products. At the same time, the company will be capable of producing high-quality raw material for masks and protective clothing for the health care industry – this could be the fastest growing sector of the company. The materials have excellent mechanical properties that have already proven in practice. At the outbreak of COVID19, Masterplast offered non-woven raw material sufficient for 20,000 protective maskswithout charges through its community action. The masks, due to their durability and usefulness, provided excellent solutions in the new reality. The demand for protective cloth materials is still high, as the protective clothing made of two-layered, vapor-permeable materials provides comfortable wearing at a high protective level. The product met the requirement of the basic classification, and is currently being tested on a higher health care level. After the successful classification, Masterplast can be the first raw material manufacturer of the region which possesses the permits necessary for a high-level health care use. The company has produced more than 1 million square meters of raw material for protective clothing so far, which was exported to Serbia and Romania after fulfilling the domestic needs.