The supply of our fiberglass mesh plant in Subotica expanding further

After capacity enhancement product diversification in focus at the Masterplast glass fiber mesh plant in Subotica.

With the arrival of modern 2018 production lines and the moving of the big production equipment from Kál, Hungary plant to Subotica, Serbia, Masterplast concentrated its fiberglass manufacturing base and became a member of the elite club of the 3 largest European factories.


With our current machineries, we can easily produce 100 million m2 of MASTERNET glass fiber mesh per year for our partners with our weaving and the modern knitting lines. Thanks to the new equipment, we are able to fabricate more homogeneous and higher quality products than ever before and as a result, the quality of our mesh has improved in parallel with the increasing output, leading to the growth in the number of new domestic and export partners choosing our reinforcing mesh fabrics compared to the competing products.


The simultaneous production of multiple product types also contributes to the flexibility of our services, we can manufacture mesh in different colors, packaging and even with special logo print but the recent developments also enable to produce small rolls wider than 1m, jumbo rolls even with color edge printing based upon the special needs of our export partners.


Thanks to our main ETA-certified facade mesh fabrics with CE mark, more and more external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) providers buy our products across Europe, additionally, we also want to take an advantage of the possibilities offered by our equipment to continue new product innovations and enter other industries, which can facilitate us getting more professional and help our group-level industrial diversification goals.



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